Palmer Bruland's Family

Palmer and Myrtle had five children. The oldest is their son Gary, followed by son Ken, then three daughters--Barbara, Cathy and Janice.

The children grew...

...and the family grew.

Michael Runestrand, back row far left. Janice sits in front of him on the far left, around 1971. 

And then, tragedy. In the words of son-in-law, Mike Runestrand:

"Janice and I got married when we were both young (at least in what seems to be today’s standards) About a year and half into our marriage, Jan contracted leukemia. She fought the hard fight for about a year and a half but was not able to beat it and passed away in the spring of 1973. Worst hand I've been dealt in life. 

Runestrand, seated far right, his father-in-law's steadying hand on his shoulder as they pose for the family portrait without Jan.

How do parents survive something like this? And yet, they did.

Somehow, the family recovered and began to grow again, too.


"There are now [January, 2017] three surviving children-- Gary, Ken and Cathy," continues Mike.

"Myrtle passed away peacefully in 2015."