The French Crew

700th (lead) squadron

445th bomb group

Many valuable accounts and interviews have been generously left behind by these veterans of the Kassel Mission. All are riveting. The diary of S/Sgt. Herbert R. Schwartz, below, stands out among these. 


B24J  #42-50784  (Hardstand 7)  Call Letter D+ (Dog)


High Right Element


Crash-landed at Metz-Frescaty Airfield, France


rank     name                             position                             outcome

1st Lt.      French, John  E.                  Pilot                                            Returned to duty

1st Lt.      Cochran, Robert D.             Copilot                                       Returned to duty

 F/O        Tims, Robert T                     Navigator                                   Returned to duty

T/Sgt       Fiske, Fred N                      Radio Operator                          Returned to duty

S/Sgt       Greenly, David A                Nose Gunner                              Returned to duty

S/Sgt       Huddleston, Charles A      Waist Gunner                              Returned to duty

S/Sgt       Corman, James E               Waist Gunner                             Returned to duty

T/Sgt       Jacobs, William L                Engineer/Top Turret Gunner    Returned to duty

S/Sgt       Schwartz, Herbert  R          Tail Gunner                                 Returned to duty


Per the notes of KMMA historian George Collar, "This is the original crew of Lt. John French. Back row, L to R: Lt. John French, pilot; Lt. Claude Switzler, bombardier; Lt. Robert Tims, navigator; Lt. Robert Cochran, copilot. Front row, L to R: Sgt. Calvin Hayward, gunner; Sgt. --- Moynnihan, Engineer/; Sgt. David Greenley, gunner; Sgt. Mitchell O'Kelly, radio operator; Sgt. --- Ostertag, tail gunner; Sgt. Harold Winand, gunner. Picture was "probably taken in the U.S. before they were shipped overseas." Of this crew," the only ones to participate in the Kassel Mission were French, Cochran, Tims and Greenley. On Sept. 14, 1944, 1st Lt. Claude Switzler is listed as nose turret navigator on the crew of Capt. R. C. Antonsen, 700th Sq., 445th BG."

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