Tech Sergeant Doye L. O'Keefe

Radio Operator, Pearson Crew

Tech Sergeant Doye L. O'Keefe has left a moving memoir that, coupled with the extensive interview accompanying it, below, lays out the saga of young men called from their homes who went to war. O'Keefe's plane went down on the Kassel Mission, and he was interred at Stalag Luft IV until January, 1945, when he was ousted into the cold with tens of thousands of other prisoners and their guards to trek across Germany for 86 days, until they were liberated. O'Keefe himself was one of the American POWs to whom the Germans turned over their arms. His riveting story was painstakingly written around 1982. By 2010, he had Alzheimers and passed away a few years later. He has left a living legacy in this account. 

Doye O'Keefe, right, and the plane the Pearson crew often flew, although not on the Kassel Mission.

O'KEEFE, Doye L Interview, c 1987 Sangamon State Univ Springfield, Ill-01.png

Documents courtesy Sangamon State University. 

Map of Germany showing location of Stalag Luft IV, where Sgt. O'Keefe was interred.