Palmer M. Bruland



From Mike Simpson, 445th Bomb Group Historian: 

According to the crew loading lists, Palmer Bruland flew 19 missions as co-pilot for Harold Wolgang in the 701st Bomb Squadron. Palmer took on a new crew as 1st Pilot starting with 445th mission #160 on 09 Sept 44. 

Wolgang crew, stateside training photo, above. Palmer Bruland standing 2nd from right. Harold Wolgang went on to fly another 10 missions after Bruland left to begin flying as a 1st Pilot.

Bruland’s missions as 1st Pilot were:

  • 09 Sep 44 – Mainz, Germany; Railroad marshalling yard
  • 10 Sep 44 – Ulm, Germany; Ordnance depot
  • 11 Sep 44 – Misburg, Germany; Oil refinery
  • 12 Sep 44 – Misburg, Germany; Oil refinery
  • 13 Sep 44 – Ulm, Germany; Ulm motor transport works
  • 22 Sep 44 – Kassel, Germany; Kassel locomotive works
  • 25 Sep 44 – Koblenz, Germany; Mosel railroad marshalling yard
  • 26 Sep 44 – Hamm, Germany; Railroad marshalling yard
  • 27 Sep 44 – Kassel, Germany; Henschel armored vehicle assembly plant

short account

Written to German historian, Walter Hassenpflug, in 1987

Bruland handwritten account

shot down

Liberated and repatriated

honorably discharged

After the war, Palmer Bruland obtained his civilian's private and commercial pilot's licenses.