The Swofford Crew

701st squadron

445th bomb group

Navigator Henry Dobek left, Pilot Paul Swofford far right, Ward Smith copilot and Og Mandino, original bombardier, center.


Low Left Element


B-24H  #42-51105(Hardstand 36)  "Sweetest Rose of Texas"  Call Letter O+ (Oboe)

Returned to Tibenham


RANK      NAME                           POSITION                            OUTCOME

1st Lt.       Swofford, Paul NMN         Pilot                                           Returned to Duty

1st Lt.       Smith, Ward A                   Co-Pilot                                      Returned to Duty

F/O          Dobek, Henry W               Navigator                                   Returned to Duty

T/Sgt       Thum, Eugene F                Radio Operator                         Returned to Duty

S/Sgt       Deshazer, Marvin E           Nose Gunner                             Returned to Duty

S/Sgt       Dykes, Willard R                Waist Gunner                             Returned to Duty

S/Sgt       Waller, Joseph V               Waist Gunner                             Returned to Duty

T/Sgt       Vosburgh, Phillip Jr           Engineer/Top Turret Gunner    Returned to Duty

S/Sgt       Pimpinelli, Timothy NMN  Tail Gunner                                 Returned to Duty