The Hautman Crew

703rd Bomb Squadron

Flying with the 700th Squadron on the Kassel Mission

445th Bomb Group

Back row, left to right:  Edward Hautman--Pilot; Thomas Land--Top turret gunner; Stidman--Not a member of the crew in Germany; Orvel Howe--Waist Gunner; John Tarbert--Waist gunner; Dale Maupin--Nose gunner; Gordon Waldron--Tail gunner. Front row, left to right:  Carroll Snidow--Co-pilot; Maynard Jones--Navigator; John Friese--Bombardier. Not shown:  Harold Giesler--Radio operator who appears to have replaced Stidman.


Slot Element


B-24J  #42-109789(Hardstand 12)  "Mairzy Doats"  Call Letter A (Able)

Crashed in Germany           MACR 9398


RANK     NAME                          POSITION                           OUTCOME

1st Lt        Hautman, Edward F       Pilot                                           KIA

2nd Lt      Snidow, Carroll G           Co-Pilot                                     Stalag Luft I

2nd Lt      Jones, Maynard L           Navigator                                  POW

*2nd Lt     Friese, John                   Bombardier                                NA

T/Sgt        Giesler, Harold W           Radio Operator                         Stalag Luft IV

S/Sgt        Maupin, Dale C              Nose Turret Gunner                  Stalag Luft IV

S/Sgt        Tarbert, John A              Waist Gunner                             KIA

T/Sgt        Howe, Orvel G               Waist Gunner                             Stalag Luft IV

T/Sgt        Land, Thomas V             Engineer/Top Turret Gunner    Stalag Luft IV

S/Sgt        Waldron, Gordon F        Tail Gunner                                 KIA

*1st Lt. John Friese did not fly on the Kassel mission

Mission List for 2nd lt. John A. Friese, Bombadier, Hautman crew

MISSION NO.            TARGET                                        DATE                TIME    
    1.                           Tactical Target #17, France         18 July 1944        5:30
    2.                          Saarbrucken, Germany              21 July 1944         6:30
    3.                          Laon Couvron, France                23 July 1944        6:00
    4.                          Tactical Target #18, France         24 July 1944        6:00
    5.                          Tactical Target #19, France         25 July 1944        5:40
    6.                          Tactical Target #20, France        1 Aug 1944           7:00
    7.                          Sons, France                                2Aug 1944           7:15
    8.                          Schwerin, Germany                     4 Aug 1944          7:50
    9.                          Harburg, Germany                       8 Aug 1944          7:30
   10.                         Tactical Target #27, France         14 Aug 1944          6:20
   11.                          Weimar, Germany                        25 Aug 1944         8:00
   12.                         Emmerich, Germany                    26 Aug 1944        4:50
   13.                         Ulm, Germany                              10 Sept 1944         8:30
   14.                         Ulm, Germany                              13 Sept 1944         8:30
Bombardier John A. Friese did not fly on 27 Sept 1944.  His next mission was to Leeben Airfield, Germany on 3 October 1944.  He went on to participate in a total of 30 missions before rotating back to the United States.

Reference:: Michael S. Simpson, Historian, 445th Bombardment Group (Heavy):  For the Hautman crew, the mission to Kassel was to have been its mission #18, reaching over half of the missions required at that time before being rotated back to the United States.  Clearly, Friese was not always  aboard with the rest of the Hautman crew for its missions.

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