S/Sgt. John A. Tarbert

Waist Gunner, HAUTMAN crew


John A. Tarbert.jpeg

John was born in 1921 in Pennsylvania to John Coulson Tarbert and Mary Belle Stewart.  He had at lest three siblings and appears to have finished high school.  It is not known when he enlisted, but in the 1940 census he was listed as being a private and stationed at Balboa, Panama Canal. Before November 1943, he had married Jenevieve Carolyn Judd, who later bore him a son after John had left the United States.

According to account of co-pilot Carroll G. Snidow:  "Sgt. Tarbert was in the waist of the plane.   We had no contact between the attack and the bailing out.  So far as I know, he was not injured.  Sgt. Tarbert went to pieces, got down on his knees and started to pray, instead of keeping his guns busy.  He lost his oxygen mask in the excitement.  He was given emergency oxygen by Sgt. Howe.  He was revived and in good state by the time the order was given to abandon ship.  There is some doubt in the minds of most of the crew members that Sgt. Tarbert ever left the ship.  This of course is hearsay…He had plenty of time to bail out."

Tarbert Individual Casualty Report.  Source:  A letter from Lt. Carroll Snidow

Tarbert Individual Casualty Report.  Source:  A letter from Lt. Carroll Snidow

S/Sgt. Tarbert was a waist gunner on the Mairzy Doats and was one of three crew members who died that day.  His remains have yet to be recovered.  

As previously noted, he had married Jenevieve Carolyn Judd by whom he had a son that he never had the opportunity to see.  His wife died in 2000 having married a man named Elliott many years earlier.  Their son John took the last name of Elliott.