New Dig Begins!

Eb Haelbig, curator of the Kassel Mission Museum in Eisenach Germany, submitted the following to KMHS (edited for clarity):

"Mr. Nowatzki, the former Mayor of Krauthausen and eyewitness of the Bolin crash [first plane to go down, 703rd Squadron, all killed except the tail gunner], asked me for a search [for] the exact place of this crash site. He could never forget the recovery of the bodies and the plane. He was also onsite at the first burial of the crew at the local cemetery.

"We [didn’t have] to search for a long time. After some small pieces, the parts became bigger. Suddenly we found a big and heavy iron plate. I [knew] instantly what it was--the armor plate from the bombardier at the front of the ship. The last man who was seeking shelter behind that plate was Truman Armstrong, Jr.

"Then we found an AERIAL DEAD RECKONING COMPUTER; TYPE E-6B. The last man who used it was Louis P. Ajello.

"Further, we found a lot of ammunition and other debris. [Then] we had to stop to spade, because under [these] little parts is a huge piece. Yesterday, we leased an excavating machine and we will work again at the site soon. I can imagine what it is , but……..TO BE CONTINUED."

Eb has already begun work on refurbishing these pieces. Incredible work!

Bolin Dead REckoning computer restoration 1