New Finds at Bolin Dig Site

By Eberhard Haelbig, Eisenach, Germany

Bolin crash site

Continuing from previous post of the first dig session at the Bolin crash site, we now have session 2:

Saturday morning at 0800. Weather is good--no rain, but cloudy. No sweat ! The excavating machine arrives and the dig can begin.

After we clear the location with the huge piece, we proceed with our work by spade – fortunately. For there is another huge piece –made from glass.

Now I am sure that we`ve found the front of Lt. Bolin's ship. The armor plates and the armor glass are from a B-24 and should have protected the bombardier, Truman Armstrong, Jr.

Exciting findings! But the best is yet to come. If you find the debris, they often looks like this. 

I take it all home, where I make a discovery, absolutely awesome. In one lump of earth and corroded metal I find…..

I begin carefully to uncover the watch from earth, dirt and that black stuff –action of the heat after the crash. It is an ELGIN from one of our heroes AND LOOK AT THE TIME!!!

The ELGIN stopped at 0957 English Time. At this time occurred obviously the first american crash – the end of Lt. Bolin and his crew.

The last two pictures are my “helping Hands” – Mr. Moenke, Mayor of Krauthausen, his wife, daughter and friends. Many thanks !!!

Left to right: Nico Mamzed,Denise Moenke, Frank Moenke und Miki Friedrich

Simone Moenke, Denise Moenke, Miki Friedrich und Nico Mamzed