Veteran's Day, 2018--Honoring today's Kassel Mission veterans

Isom Crew, Paul Dickerson right front

Today we celebrate our veterans. Thanks to these living legends of the Kassel Mission:

Jim Baynham, Ist Lt., Pilot on King Kong, POW

Paul Dickerson, S/Sgt Waist Gunner Isom Crew on Patty Girl

James Dowling, 1st Lt., Bombardier, Johnson Crew on Frigid Bridget, POW

Jim “Red” Dowling

Jim “Red” Dowling

Willard Dykes, S/Sgt. Waist Gunner, Swofford Crew on Sweetest Rose of Texas

Swofford Crew, Willard Dykes 3rd from left in rear row

Carlton V Hudson, 2nd Lt., Pilotage Navigator on Chilton Crew, POW

From Roger Freeman’s book, “The Mighty Eighth,” this is believed to be the lead 445th Liberator, captained by John Chilton, with Carlton Hudson aboard.

John Ray Lemons, Jr S/Sgt., Waist Gunner, Baynham Crew on King Kong, POW

Jim Baynham, left, Ray Lemons, center, Howard Boldt, deceased, right.

Harry F Tachovsky, S/Sgt. Waist Gunner on Pearson Crew, POW

Harry Tachovsky, 3rd from left in front row

There are others of which we are unsure whether they are still alive, including:

Biasetti Ernest J Sgt Radio Operator Potts Crew

Capuano Anthony 1st Lt Nose Gunner Smith Crew

Christie Robert C 2nd Lt Co-pilot Golden Crew

Collins Robert L T/Sqt., Radio Operator, Schaen Crew

Davis Lonnie O S/Sgt., Engineer/Top Turret Gunner, Smith Crew

DeShazer Marvin S/Sgt., Nose Gunner, Swofford Crew

Eppley George S T/Sgt., Engineer/Top Turret Gunner, Schaen Crew

Feltus Edward H Sgt, Waist Gunner, Golden Crew

Hoiten Ted E S/Sgt, Nose Gunner, Mercer Crew

Hornsby Elwyn J S/Sgt., Waist Gunner, Hansen Crew

Jackson Floyd L S/Sgt., Tail Gunner, Johnson Crew

Johnson George Sgt Waist Gunner Dewey Crew

Jones Howard A 2nd Lt Pilot

Kelly Edward M 2nd Lt Co-pilot Johnson Crew

Klinefelter William R S/Sgt., Radio Operator, Smith Crew

Kugel Arthur Ist Lt , Bombardier Uebelhoer Crew

Leary John F 2nd Lt Navigator, Heitz Crew

Lied Harry J S/Sgt Tail Gunner Mercer Crew

Reilly Charles H T/Sgt Radio Operator, Johnson Crew

Scheu M (Marvin?) 2nd Lt., Pilotage Navigator, Uebelhoer Crew

Shinske John C S/Sgt, Spare Gunner, Uebelhoer Crew

Weiner Sammy S T/Sgt., Radio Operator, Brent Crew