A KMHS Story, by Linda Cadden Gibson

At some point, my Father [gunner John Cadden] reached out to Dick Trotta, son of Len Trotta (co-pilot on the Krivik crew).  It might have been after Len passed away; Dick's recollection is that my Dad wrote to him.

In about 1989, my Dad invited Dick and his family to visit my parents in Avalon, NJ.  Dick, his wife Vicki, and two sons (ages 7 & 4-5) did just that.  Over the years, Dick would call my parents here and there and catch up.  Eventually the communications became less and less which, as we all know, happens.

During the funeral of George H.W. Bush, Dick was thinking about the "greatest generation."  He tried to contact my Dad, who had since died, as had my Mom. And so, Dick hit a dead-end trying to reach them.  

Many years before, my father asked Dick to stay in touch with his (my father's) children. Dick googled my Dad and came upon Aaron Elson's interview.  Dick contacted Aaron to see if he could put him in touch with any of the children.

Aaron reached out to me to make sure I was agreeable to having him sharing my contact information which, of course, I was.

Dick called while I was in California and we spoke for hours. He has since joined KMHS and signed up for the upcoming trip (juggling some previous overseas vacation travel plans).  

Yesterday, on Dick and Vicki's drive back to New York from a winter break in Florida, they stopped and visited me and my husband. We finally met, had a wonderful visit and look forward to seeing each other in Germany this September.  

An added twist to this story is that Dick and Vicki bought a weekend cottage on one of the NY finger lakes (maybe 30 years ago). Dick became fast friends with his next door neighbor there - none other than [Kassel Mission pilot] Reg Miner

Small world.