Norman James Stewart

At tibenham with the Golden Crew

The Golden Crew

 On his nineteenth birthday, the U.S. Army Air Forces promoted Stewart to sergeant. This allowed him to serve as a member of a bomber crew. At Tibenham, England Stewart was assigned the tail gunner's position on the B-24 named Ole Baldy as part of the Golden Crew. This B-24 was built at the Willow Run Bomber plant near his hometown of Farmington, Michigan.  

The Golden Crew's B-24 Ole Baldy built at Willow Run bomber plant.

Ole Baldy served the beginning of the Strategic Bombing Campaign in Europe with the 493rd Bombardment Group. The B-24 participated in 14 missions, including D-Day, before being transferred to the 445th Bombardment Group's base. Arriving in mid-August at Tibenham, the Golden Crew acquired the veteran bomber. 

 The B-24’s new crew was named after pilot Lt. William F. Golden. Ole Baldy’s new co-pilot was 2nd Lt. Robert C. Christie. Original crew members consisted of navigator 2nd Lt. Norman Lubitz, bombadier 2nd Lt. Chester Droog, radio operator Sgt. Jack Erickson, waist gunner Sgt. Pendleton Raines, engineer Sgt. Earl Romine, waist gunner Sgt. Edward Feltus, and ball turret gunner Sgt. Robert Bagley. Stewart finished the crew as Ole Baldy’s tail gunner. Edmund F. Boomhower, bombardier 2nd Lt. Theodore C. Boecher, radio operator Staff Sergeant Jack M. Erickson, top turret gunner Technical Sergeant Earl C. Romine, left waist gunner Sergeant Robert R. Bagley, and right waist gunner Sergeant Edward H. Feltus.