KMHS Members

The Americans

Veterans of the 445 Bomb Group, their family, and friends, authors, historians, World War II buffs, and other interested parties join together to make up the Kassel Mission Historical Society.

The Germans

KMHS recognizes the epic work of Walter Hassenpflug of Ludwigsau, Germany as the "founding father" of Kassel Mission research. Also recognized is Guenter Lemke of Heringen, Germany for his role as our chief translator, and KMHS archeologist Eberhard Haelbig of Eisenach, Germany for his Kassel Mission Musem.

The English

KMHS recognizes the Norfolk Gliding Club, which maintains the field at the former 445th airbase in Tibenham. In 2007, the club applied for a grant to create a 445th Bomb Group Heritage Center at the base. KMHS supports and will contribute in all possible ways to make this project a reality as Tibenham once again becomes a destination for those traveling in England.
KMHS welcomes all Tibenham residents and thanks them for sharing their recollections of the 445th BG. KMHS also recognizes and supports the beautiful 2nd Air Division Library in Norwich, England.