Diaries And letters

John WoodleyHansen Crew

"Dear Mrs. Woodley: This letter is to confirm my recent telegram in which you were regretfully informed that your husband, Second Lieutenant John C. Woodley, 0679436, Air Corps, has been reported missing in action since 27 September 1944 over Germany."

Robert Toeppe

"November 15, 1943: Briefed today – Restricted
November 16, 1943: Reveille at 5:30 – Flight line at 6:45. Ready and waiting."

Palmer BrulandBruland Crew

"Dearest Myrtle, I don't know when or if this will get through to you but I'll write anyway. I was forced down over Germany and was captured immediately."

Herbert SchwartzFrench Crew

"I already like Scotland but felt sorta lost so far away from home. I got a thrill and I knew now that I was in the ETO – P-47 pilots who had finished their missions buzzed the fields and missed treetops by only a few feet. They did all kinds of stunts, things that were not allowed in the States. Also saw Spitfires buzz the field, a real sight to see – hot pilots indeed."

Doye O'KeefePearson Crew

"A few years ago I received for my birthday, a book. At least the package felt like it. Nothing really different about that. I have received many books over the years. This one just started out different, some how."