B-24 Liberator Production Pool 1940-1945

Consolidated San Diego, CA (CO): 7,500 total (except E, G, H, N, & C-87) 

Consolidated Fort Worth, TX (CF): 3,034 total (D, E, H, J & C-87)

Ford Willow Run, MI (FO): 6,792 total (E, H, J, L, M, N) + 1893 KDs* 

Douglas Tulsa, OK (DT): 964 total (D, E, H & J) 

North American Aviation Dallas, TX (NT): 966 total (G & J) 

The total number of Liberators, Privateers, proto-types, experimental aircrafts and cargo aircraft from the 1st XB-24 through the final experimental RY-3 (transport version of the PB4Y-2) totaled 19,256 over the five years. 

At Ford Willow Run (FO), the 6,792 were actually "kits" that were transported to the various stations at FO for "Build Up" (BU) thru a series of transfer stations, cranes and conveyors. The other 1893 were "Knock Down" (KD) kits that were shipped overland by truck to both CF and DT. It must be remembered that the initial contracts assigned to FO were for KDs and only later recognized for their own assemblies. CO also supplied KDs to CF.  

Willow Run Production Line

Willow Run Production Line

Build Time Frame Periods:

CO: 12.40 to 9.45

CF: 05.42 to 1.45 

FO: 09.42 to 7.45 

DT: 08.42 to 8.44 

NT: 05.43 to 12.44 

Courtesy: Steven Puhl, Ford Willow Run B-24 Plant Historian (Retired)